2023 Wrap-up

2023 Wrap-up

Tom Sennett Games had an awesome 2023, with more to look forward to in 2024. Check it out!!

1. RunMan Turbo Demo on Steam

In May, I launched the first public demo of RunMan Turbo for PC on Steam. Folks have dug it, with over 1,000 people putting the upcoming high-speed infinite platformer on their wishlists. I'm currently revamping a lot of the game's level generation and pushing things to get weirder and widler. Picture this: a full-throttle release in Q4 2024. Buckle up, buttercups – it's gonna be a riot!

RunMan Turbo on Steam
The Indie Legend Returns: Bounce, slide, and run fast as heck through high speed levels in five unique zones. Each time you run a level it will look and play different, requiring you to master your instincts to beat record times, earn medals, unlock secrets, and be the world’s fastest! Wishlist Now!

2. RunMan: Race Around the World on Poki.com

My classic 2009 platformer collaboration with Maddy Thorson, RunMan: Race Around the World is now playable free on the web at Poki.com, including on mobile for the first time! I want to thank Poki for funding development of this port, and Katrine Steen for her hard work as the project's programmer. We soft-launched on Poki earlier this fall, made some more improvements, then released globally in December. Players on Poki are loving it, with over 250,000 gameplays so far and a 4.3 star rating!

RunMan: Race Around the World
Want to play RunMan: Race Around the World? Play this game online for free on Poki. Lots of fun to play when bored. RunMan: Race Around the World is one of our favorite adventure games.

3. Hugby Returns in 2024

Dive into the world of cuteness overload with Hugby! Originally an iOS+Android app, my teddy bear football game where you draw your own plays is headed to Poki.com in early 2024. It's a game for 2 players on a single device, and will be playable for free on the web across mobile and, for the first time, PC+Mac.

It's a teddy bear party and you're all invited!

4. Ultralight Beam, Deepak Fights Robots, and more soon

I also want to confirm upcoming ports of my intense arcade space score 'em up Ultralight Beam, and my IndieCade award-winning psychedelic platformer Deepak Fights Robots. These will be coming to Poki, with Ultralight Beam to follow Hugby, and Deepak Fights Robots later. Also keep an eye out for Steam ports for potentially all of these games!!

Thanks for reading and for being part of my game design adventure! Wishing you a safe, healthy, and FUN New Year from here in beautiful Philadelphia!

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