RunMan: Race Around the World

RunMan: Race Around the World

An epic collaboration between Tom Sennett (Deepak Fights Robots) and Maddy Thorson (TowerFallCeleste), RunMan: Race Around the World is a platformer with an emphasis on speed and flow.

To get a good score on each course, you have to run through it really fast without stopping. The actual scoring is a bit more complex than that, but that's basically it.

You can't die, because dying's not fun.


  • Run through 35+ levels across 6 unique and preposterous zones!
  • Complete ridiculous feats of speed to earn shiny medals!
  • Unlock 4 lovable secret characters and probably some other stuff!
  • Colorful, bright, crude, colorful graphics!
  • Classic tunes of phonograph-era folk, blues, jazz, and more!
  • You can't die!

This is a port of the original game (released in 2009), which fixes a number of technical issues that were encountered on modern systems. It's been optimized to support all kinds of screen sizes, and it has an overhauled audio system to keep everything running smoothly. All the game's original art, gameplay, and content are here!

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